Supply of adjuvants for research and preclinical development

The VFI can provide a wide range of adjuvants for preclinical use. As much as is possible, we provide access to adjuvants that are either not covered by intellectual property rights or that can be made readily available under license agreements. The following can be made available, along with the necessary expertise to use them: oil-in-water emulsions of different composition, water-in-oil emulsions, liposomes of different composition, polymer nano-/microparticles of different composition, aluminium salts, TLR agonists, saponins, other adjuvants and combination of all these systems. Any provision of adjuvants will be accompanied by our expert’s advice on how to formulate and evaluate them.

Optimization and characterisation of adjuvanted vaccine formulations

Optimization of vaccine formulation parameters can help to improve the formulation stability, and the selection of appropriate adjuvants can direct immunogenicity towards a specific type of immune response. We can formulate your antigens in combination with various adjuvant systems under different experimental conditions. In order to provide a characterized adjuvanted vaccine, we assess the compatibility and stability of vaccine formulations and evaluate and document their physical, chemical, and biological properties. We can also perform analytical techniques relating to antigen characterization in the formulation. We also support partners with the preclinical development of their adjuvanted vaccine candidates. We can evaluate immunogenicity parameters in head-to-head immunogenicity studies in various models. Furthermore, we can evaluate the effects of formulation aging and degradation on immunogenicity. In addition, we can coordinate challenge studies and GLP toxicology studies. Our models include in vitro studies, in vivo studies, characterization of humoral and T-cell responses.

Theoretical and practical trainings relating to adjuvants and vaccine formulation

Adjuvant formulation and quality control of adjuvants are complex. We propose both theoretical and practical training courses on adjuvants and vaccine formulation. Both types of course are organized on a regular basis, but courses can also be customized upon request.

Technology transfer of adjuvant manufacturing and quality control techniques

The VFI is experienced in transferring both adjuvant manufacturing and adjuvant QC techniques and equipment to vaccine manufacturers. Protocols and training are provided to ensure independence of the technology recipient. Training is provided in the VFI training suite as well as onsite following installation of the equipment.

Custom adjuvant/formulation R&D projects

We can provide different laboratory services as per the needs of a specific organization and project. Projects range from formulation studies lasting several weeks to several months.

We provide different analytical techniques for adjuvanted vaccines, including but not restricted to:

  • Adsorption or encapsulation rates
  • Antigen integrity/stability evaluation
  • Detection and quantification of adjuvants
  • Loading rate in vaccine delivery systems
  • Physico-chemical properties
  • Particle size evaluation
  • Formulation quality control

Development of analytical methods to characterize adjuvants and formulations

The VFI is experienced in developing new QC assays for adjuvants. These assays can be developed in our lab before being transferred to your institution. Training, protocols and advice on purchasing equipment can also be provided.

Provision of access to adjuvant manufacturing and quality control equipment

The VFI possesses a large range of adjuvant manufacturing and QC equipment. Onsite installation and training for rented items can be provided upon request.