Our mission: supporting the vaccine community with adjuvant and formulation expertise

Adjuvants are frequently used by the vaccine research and development community, primarily for their ability to modulate immune responses and improve dose-sparing. However, suitable adjuvants and the associated expertise required to effectively use them are not readily available to the majority of vaccine research groups. Even those groups with access to suitable adjuvants frequently fail in the development of their adjuvanted vaccines because of a lack of knowledge on how to correctly formulate and characterize both their adjuvants and the resulting vaccine formulations. These challenges led to the creation of the Vaccine Formulation Institute (VFI) in 2012, which today provides a variety of adjuvant-related laboratory and training services to the vaccine community. The VFI aims to provide access to a wide variety of adjuvant technologies and to improve access to advanced formulation expertise and quality control assays on a not-for-profit basis to all interested groups.

Vaccine Formulation Institute laboratory

Our main activities

  • Supply of adjuvants for research and preclinical development
  • Optimization and characterisation of adjuvanted vaccine formulations
  • Theoretical and practical trainings relating to adjuvants and vaccine formulation
  • Technology transfer of adjuvant manufacturing and quality control techniques
  • Custom adjuvant/formulation R&D projects
  • Development of analytical methods to characterize adjuvants and formulations
  • Provision of access to adjuvant manufacturing and quality control equipment